Tuesday, January 4, 2005

In absentia? 

Happy New Year! Bobby D. here in South Central Tokyo. 'Sup ya'll? This is just a quick one...normally when you (the every-too-kind readers of GlitchSlapTko) post a comment, I usually try to reply as soon as possible. Furthermore, I also try to reply in the same thread. Today, I'm yanking a comment out of context. I did a recent posting on a debate that went on (in Japanese) about some of the things that have been written on the pages of this humble blog, along with explorations of stuff that Marxy and Momus have been batting around. Anyway, I got this comment from Marxy himself...

I don't like that I'm being translated while I'm out of town, but oh well. I'd be interested in the Japanese opinions on the subjects. Are people solidly in the socialist, conflict view of Japan like me? Also, I'm MA-KUSHI- not MARUKUSHII- unless you wanted to go with the Karl Marx MARUKUSU, which I gather is from an old style of Katakana-zation.Marxy
# posted by Anonymous : 12:54:25 PM

...and I just wanted to say that although I appreciate his comment, and his every-interesting thoughts, he FORGOT something. The thing that he forgot was to say 'thank you' to a very hard-working Japanese person who must have spent a few hours of his precious time doing a rough translation of Marxy's main ideas into Japanese. So I'll say it for him. Thanks Ei-Ichi. As a matter of form, I'd just like to imagine that Marxy was actually thinking 'thank you' from the beginning, but that he just got so busy typing things like that he didn't like being translated in absentia or thing regarding quibbles about spelling. Carts and horses. Bygones. I'm sure everybody ment well. Keep up the good work, everybody.


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