Friday, December 10, 2004

Shame on YOU, Nick! 

Nick is up to his old tricks again! Just when you thought that semi-sighted archer of ideologies might be learning his lesson, he has let fly with another warped shaft of a blog entry. In an effort to hyper-beautify his favorite race (the Japanese), and lampoon his least favorite one (his own), he has shamelessly penned what promises to be his most one-dimensional (i.e. Superflat) blog entry yet!

No doubt Sachie Kanda (peace be upon her) really DID record the opinions the Japanese folks expressed over on Pop Vox. Furthermore, I will not claim that the opinions proffered by the 'gaijin' were not what they were (pretty nasty). However, I'm mostly interested in Nick's overactive imagination. Recently, Clique Opera has displayed a true penchant for wantonly juxtaposing the 'creme de la creme' of Japanese society with the virtual 'dregs' of American ex-pat society in Japan. There are more bad (Japanese) apples out there than you are willing to admit, Nick...but you seem to have no problem crying 'foul' when you see even the slightest 'gaijin' infractions. Granted, the comments you quote ARE vehement...but things are not that simple over here, sir.

Naturally such undesirables DO populate this city, but I think it would be better for everyone (especially the readers if CO) if he toned down the hyperbole (it looks better on me than it does on him anyway) a little, and try to offer up more inclusive, moderate 'gaijin' views...and perhaps a few more 'radical' Japanese views. Nick, if you don't know where to look for more moderate 'gaijin' views, or even 'volitile' Japanese views, why not just ask? I'd be happy to point you in the right direction(s). Sadly, this little excursion will take you well outside of your usual happy hunting grounds. Game?

Anyway, any argument appearing THIS rock solid (in this case a one-sided portrayal of 'gaijin' as the 'barbarians at the gate') can't be anything more than a rudimental study in contrast thrown up on a foundation of pure kaka. I want to know WHERE exactly it is they were doing this survey and also the info about the demographics of the 'gaijin' who responded. They sound like white, American males to me...and I've already shown how this, in Nick's mind at least, it THE definition of 'gaijin'. Where are the others? Far be it from me to remind anyone that to fit the definition, a 'vox populi' should uphold the opinions of actual ORDINARY people. I think that the Japanese opinions expressed were 'ordinary' insofar as their judiciousness is concerned, but obviously the 'gaijin' who took the time to comment (from their computers) can't possibly represent anything other than a kind of 'fringe' element, can it?

Also, just to be fair, I'd also like to see Sachie do the actual footwork and get out there on the street and ASK some actual non-Japanese in person what their answers would be, since we all know that folks tend to display considerable abandon when posting up comments to a website. Hummm...unless she does at least this much over on her Vox Pol, the writing that Nick did today based on her incomplete survey can only give new meaning to the phrase 'yellow journalism'. Tut-tut.

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