Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Constructive ambivalence, Pleasure Principle, Machine adventurousness? 

These three items sound like a recipe for an intimate night at home with your S.O., especially if he/she/it is hot swappable! Seriously, these three items are part of a new way that people are trying to make machines think.

Machine Psychodynamics: A Key to Artificial Brains
Andrzej BULLER
Department of Emergent Communications
ATR Network Informatics Laboratories
Kyoto, Japan
E-mail: buller@atr.jp
Research Memo, October 5, 2005

"Research in machine intelligence has resulted in giving robots
the ability to learn – even from observation. Machine Psycho-
dynamics intends to supplement this achievement with mecha-
nisms that will make the robot actually want to learn ronment or changing the environment itself, just in order to enjoy
perceiving various tension-discharging patterns..."
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Naturally this memo got me feeling all hot and bothered this morning. If you know me you'll know why.

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