Thursday, December 1, 2005

外貨両替 Jitterbug 

(I'm sure Roddy won't mind if I post this here, but if he does, I'm sure he'll let me know.)

"let's skype the night ayway together, i need you more than leather..."

Robert Duckworth
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as if you weren't already all over this one:

roddy schrock
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wow.... didn't know about that. i'm sure america will be the last country in the world to have anything like this legislation. -roddy

On 30 Nov 2005, at 20:05, Robert Duckworth wrote:

as if you weren't already all over this one:

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Robert Duckworth
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yep. probaby the last country on earth. but at the rate things are
going, america might actually wind up BEING the last country on earth.
(does is show that i'm finally getting around to reading baudrillard's
"the gulf war did not take place"? 10 years to late, i'm afraid.)
anyway, speaking of america, i have a funny story for you.
an american friend of mine in japan wanted to get a very funky,
kitschy 'hanko' (japanese name stamp) made for a friend of his. he
asked me my opinion. after finding out his budget and specs that he
was hoping for (exotic stone, flourid script style, dragon inlayed
handle) i suggested buying it in china. he could save cash, and the
chinese are 1000 times better at this kind of thing than the japanese
(for better or for worse). i'm going to china this weekend to do some
shopping, hang out with some friends, and pick up his hanko, which
wound up costing around USD 300.
went by the bank this morning and got a 'money packet' of USD 300,
sealed and certified by the federal reserve in ameria.
just got to my studio, decided to open the pack, count the cash, just
to be sure.
opened the pack and there was that smell, oh, that long-forgotten
not that i ever had much money when i was living in athens or LA, but
the touch, the feel, the look of it all (most of it had been printed
since i'd left america, new styles, new paper, etc.) was so...exotic!
yes, i couldn't deny that word, exotic.
and then i remembered the name of the window at the bank where i got the money
「外貨両替」"foreign currency exchange"
but now for me, there was a new "eureka" moment, for when i opened
that bag, at that instant, i was holding "foreign" money, smelling it,
rubbing it, wondering what kind of strange country it must have come
i kept one or two of the bills for myself in an air-tight envelope,
and i pull them out and fondle them on occasion.
this is that america has become for me. the smell of ink and paper and
some kind of simulacrum, but not a neutered one, as it threatens to
become in baudrillard's "non-event" sense of the term.
the most potent one symbol heretofore in existance.
but it was a pale green, and try between my fingers.
and finally, i noticed that they hadn't put any writers or artists or
composers or anyone who wasn't military or bureaucratic on the bills.
i remember seeing Honegger's picture on the bills in switzerland.
but thank god no one will ever put john cage's gooey face on a bill.

2005/12/1, roddy schrock :
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"Cuddle up baby move in tight
We'll go dancing tomorrow night
It's cold out there but its warm in bed
They can dance, we'll stay home instead

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