Thursday, December 15, 2005


HOLA, originally uploaded by glitchslaptko.

Spent most of the day comparing the 1955 and 1981 recordings of Gould performing Bach's Goldberg Variations. There are worse things one can do with one's time, I suppose.

UPDATE: My favorite variation is, hands down, variation 15 (05:02 on the Sony CD). That ending phrase is so forlorn. Listening to this, we can know that we are living life after the masters of harmony have passed. Listening to Cage, we can also know tha we are living life after the masters of disharmony have passed. Ours is a time of (I'm sure Roddy will forgive me this) music strung together with some string and a bit of wire. Small and hermetic. Small and hermeneutic. Ad hoc. We've been drying our eyes for so long now that we've forgotten what we were crying about in the first place. Tissue?

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