Tuesday, December 13, 2005


It was announced this week that this year's kanji is 「愛」, or "love"...of course, since the Japanese language makes the distinction between 「愛」and 「恋」, I suppose that we should use the translation "agape" or something like that. Of course, this kanji was just chosen since it was related to the World Expo in 愛知県 or some little rugrat in the royal family. Not that much to do with real love it seems. Alas...Anyway, it is better than last year's kanji.

Oh, I wrote a haiku for a friend who just came back from Paris and their changing view of that city. It deals with the theme above, sort of.

「恋の街 純粋理性 愛の街」

Note to future poetic self: Write a poem that uses all of the previous "kanji of the year" in sequence, in order to summarize Japan's recent history in a few lines of verse. Just in case this is an original idea, copywrite me & now.

Ho, ho, ho!

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