Thursday, August 4, 2005

This and that part ??? 


Just now a friend of mine showed me something funny.

If you go to the Momus entry on the artfacts webpage,


you'll find a picture under his 'Images' section

that leads right to a fun essay that I wrote last year, near the beginning of the 'Blogging Wars Japan' thingy...but my friend said that when he read it now, after having slogged thru our little spate of inter-blogging chivvies, he felt like it seemed somehow Joycean AND YET still made somehow a lot of sense...go figure!

Anyway, I just want to tell everyone out there what a warm and fuzzy feeling I get from being graced with this radically cool linkage...enshrined right next to the Tender Perv himself!

Well, I'm sure Nick himself noticed this little perturbation in the Google image search algorithm when he first posted about his ART FACTS page, but as he's been too humble too mention it anywhere as yet, I thought I'd do him the favor here and how.

I guess it IS really like the man said: it's all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!


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