Thursday, August 4, 2005

Koji Tano obituary 

Koji Tano obituary
Dear friends,
unless you have already heard, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news:
Our friend Koji Tano died yesterday, sunday july 31st.
My information is limited, but what I know is that Koji was diagnosed
with stomach cancer in may, but after surgery the doctors could only
conclude it was too late, the cancer had spread too far, and he was
given maximum a year left to live. It lasted only two months.
Koji did more in his short time (I believe he was only 43) than most
of us can hope for in a full lifetime. He had many friends around the
world. As an organizer of shows and tours in Japan he was the key to
almost everyone in the noise/experimental community coming to Japan.
He seemed tireless, as he was constantly networking and helping
people out (myself included).
As a musician Koji made a name for himself with his project MSBR,
with countless releases and tours all over the world. (On his tours
he always took with him younger acts, giving them exposure). Koji
also launched the first extensive website for noise music, up and
running in 1996. He published a magazine, ran an online mailorder,
booked shows and tours, ran several labels, and in the last two years
had his own store in Tokyo. His dedication and support for the music
he loved was something extraordinary and his passing leaves a huge
void in the noise scene.
I have been corresponding with Koji for over ten years and met him in
person on a handful of occasions. This april I was in Japan, touring
with John Hegre and John Sharp. During our time in Tokyo we stayed at
his apartment, Koji sleeping on the livingroom floor, insisting we
use his bedroom. He guided us around and made sure our stay was the
best it could be. I believe the show he set up with us at Shibuya O-
nest on April 16th was not only the last show he ever set up, but
also his last MSBR concert performance.
Usually when people pass away people remember the good stuff, but I
can honestly say I've never heard anybody say a single bad word of
Koji. He was, simply, a hero. Rest in peace Koji, we will miss you.
My condolences to Koji's close friends and family.
Lasse Marhaug
August 1st 2005

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