Monday, July 11, 2005

DungeonMaster Eno 

It's 2008. You are a musician in one of the new 'Neo-Science' bands, playing in an underground club in the Afro-Chinese ghetto in Osaka, not far from the university. The whole audience is high on 'Dreamwater', an auditory hallucinogen so powerful that it can be transmitted by sweat condensation alone. You are also feeling its effects, finding yourself fascinated by intricate single-note rhythm patterns, shard-like Rossetta-stone sonic hieroglyphs. You are in no particular key - making random bursts of data which you beam into the performance. You are lost in the abstracted rational beauty of a system no one else fully understands, sending out messages that can't be translated. You are a great artist, and the audience is expecting something intellectually challenging from you. As a kid, your favourite record (in your Dad's record collection) was Trout Mask Replica.

- Brian Eno from the "Roles and game-playing" section of "A Year with Swollen Appendices"

Bonus Role Playing Triva: The Eno pictured above is a perfect doppelganger for Elrond from the LOTR movies... downright scary!

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