Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A quick note to Nick on being a guest in America (via Derrida) 

Derrida's approach to ethics and politics: the unique obligation that each of us has to the other.

"But pure or unconditional hospitality does not consist in such an invation ('I invite you, I welcome you into my home, on the condition that you adapt to the laws and norms of my territory, according to my language, tradition, memory, and so on'). Pure and uncoditional hospitality, hospitality itself, opens or is in advance open to someone who is neither expected nor invited, to whomever arrives as an absolutely foreign visitor, as a new arrival, nonidentifiable and unforeseeable, in short, wholly other."

Quoted from Philosphy in a Time of Terror - Dialogues with Habermas and Derrida

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