Friday, April 8, 2005

Some recent comments about GST 

"Robert? His commentary often takes the form of visual or verbal provocation with little explanation. His blog seems like snapshots of a life lived in the fourth dimension."
- Roddy Schrock

"Have you looked at his blog? Every third entry is 'and here's another shot of me with my twirly mustache'! The man is a cross between a mirror, a broadcasting tower, and a bottle of Scotch."
- Nick "Japanize? My ass!" Currie

"GlitchSlapTko is SO 'in' right now it isn't even funny! Plus his stick twirlin' is the very antithesis of cliche PoMo drumming."
- David Marx

"I wish I could use 'the N. word' with as much duende as Robert."
- Jean "Pink Hamster Group" Snow

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