Friday, April 8, 2005

Once upon a time, while the sakura where in full-bloom... 

Once again, 'hot shit' be 'kickin' over on David's blog.
"therefore, i invite you to 'meld with the logos of japan' [i can't figure out if this sounds like yoda or mr. spock], surpass 'Either/Or' and join the company cloistered few of who occupy ourselves with the 'Neither/Nor' of japan on a daily basis."
- Robert (to Momus, but...)

"...but hail the Japanese "leapfrog" toilet, the washlet, which takes the best of Western technology and makes it better. Hybrid, ne?"
- Nick, the artist formerly known as Mo-masu (to his own butt)

"Well fights don't break out much in Daikanyama."
- David (to Nick's butt)

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