Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ars brevis, vita longa? 

I'm on the Geidai campus here in Toride today. The sky is blue, a cool breeze is blowing, nightingales are singing. Nature's twitterpating today. Simply bucolic. With days like this, who needs music? I guess I do. In Japan, Media Arts are ALMOST as fast as they are any where else on earth, especially in THIS strange university. Of course, internet connections in Korea are faster than here on average, but who cares? Life here is pretty good, and pretty LONG for that matter. In fact, if we can extend the longevity of our artists just a bit more here in Japan, I think we could reverse that most telling of phrases that has been with us since time immemorial, and strive to have an art that is born and dies at the speed of light made by artists who live life below sublunary speeds. In the past, only the fear of our own mortality engendered the need to produce an art that will outlive us. But now that we have overshot (undershot?) this mark with the intransitive nature of our post-modern lifestyles, we need an art that will evaporate before our very eyes...its infinitesimal halflife giving us a new point of reference by which to triangulate our own changing sense of ourself in time. Art as a calculus of 'being', then, and nothing more or less.

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