Saturday, March 19, 2005

Where's the beef? 

Can you believe that Bush, after not having much luck making Koizumi budge on the U.S. beef import ban (he even called Koizumi DIRECTLY just to discuss the beef 'problem'), sent his lackey Rice over here to Japan just to lobby for the re-importation of what is mostly likely BSE tainted beef? Don't the Americans realize that one of the things that Japanese prize most highly is fresh, safe food? Here is a link to the Japanese news articles. By the way, Rice is apparently dangling the 'We will back your joining the UN Security Council' carrot over Koizumi's head. We'll see if he'll take the bait or not. Irony of the day: It is probably a lot better for Japan and the world to eat the rice that thay have than the beef that Rice is offering, natch! Who knows? In a few decades or so, the rest of the world (U.S. included), might be paying Japan to export its rice-growing technology and training...

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