Saturday, March 19, 2005

A page from my notebook today 

01. The alternative to dualism is dialectics; that is to say, love --
02. Heraclitus
03. bestandige Schopfung
04. To end war, we must first abolish the self
05. Argus-eyed
06. scotomize
07. 暗所嗜好
08. luciferous
09. Japan is 33 in terms of tourist arrivals in the world; 8th in all of Asia -- What is Japan doing right?
10. That's just NASTY!
11. Making a computer sound like a computer takes guts or lack of brains.
12. A Super Flat character has to look super-flat. Does a hip-hop guy have to 'look' hip-hop?
13. Miki Sawada
14. みなまた病
15. 花魁道中
16. 広島の鐘
17. a natural logic, a logic of the earth, an umbral logic
18. postcibal
19. 平行駐車
20. Sex, said Talleyrand is "La theatre des pauvres"
21. Every erection is an insurrection of the flesh.
22. seminal fluid 'on tap' in the genitals

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