Saturday, March 19, 2005

NSMAS Member Invitation 

Dear Single Malt Lovers of Tokyo,

I'd like to take this opportunity to announce a little something that we've come up with called the "Nakameguro Single Malt Appreciation Society". In case the name doesn't say it all, our admittedly fledgling group's purpose it to enjoy the 'liquid duende' that is single malt scotch whisky (for us 'BLEND' is a four-letter-word) together in a spirit of tipsy fraternity/sorority --yes, we actually have male AND female members-- and to share conversation and tasting criticisms together.

Some of us (like me, the founder of this little fiasco) are aspiring to become officially licensed single malt sommeliers, by passing one of the several qualification exams that are out there, while others just like to ruminate over a short-stemmed tulip-glass with new friends. Naturally, since our motto is Jyuunintoiro (a phrase taken from the Japanese which menas "Ten people, ten colors"), we welcome folks from all walks of life.

At this point we are meeting once a month at my place on the outskirts of Nakameguro with everyone chipping in to purchace a fine bottle or two of single malt (each month from various regions of Scotland), and then nosing and sipping into the late hours, making sure not to miss that last train.

By the way, tonight we were indulging in a bottle of LAPHROAIG 15 YEAR OLD. It was a peaty pleasure!

Of course, this IS Tokyo, so the number of members is limited to do space limitations, but if you are interesting in joining us, just send me an email [glitchslaptko at yahoo dot co dot jp] and I'll let you know when the next meeting will take place. Looking forward to hearing from you. Until then, happy drinking!

Robert (NSMAS founder)

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