Monday, February 7, 2005

Yeah, but the question is how can sounds 'transcend' a laptop? 

"...I became aware that what one hears in music is only an excerpt, what I call a window, in an unlimited time. So my work has in the beginning started with processes...where you have a very definied beginning, but the beginning is always in the extremes, and one feels it could have begun somewhere else. For example I start in the extreme piano octaves, and I have sometimes said - and I feel it when I compose - that the notes come from outside of the piano and fall for the first time into the highest and then in the lowest octave and vice versa, and then one by one 'occupy' the piano until they reach the middle and then they go away again towards the end and they go into the beyond. They transcend the piano."

- Stockhausen on his Process Music (My transcription of a taped interview I recently came across.)

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