Monday, February 14, 2005

What the hell am I wearing? 

A few weeks ago, I was doing some shopping in Shibuya when I was suddenly approached by a stylish young Japanese girl [insert joke here] with a camera. She asked if she could take my picture. A little wary, I said sure, if she would tell just me why she wanted MY picture. She smiled, gave me her card, and said in broken English that she was a photographer for FRUITS. She used a lot of Japanese superlatives while telling me that she was into my fashion (don't ask what I was wearing, but I'll at least tell you I was very 'festive'), and wanted to photograph me for their upcoming issue on Tokyo mens's fashion. I was flattered, elated in fact, and told her that she was quite welcome to do as she pleased. She wound up taking about 5 or 6 shots (head, body, lower-body, tead-to-toe, etc.) and then asked me a few questions. The questions were as follows: What's your name? What do you do? What brands are you wearing today? What is your favorite part of Tokyo? What do you think is cool in Tokyo? And so forth. I answered as best I could. Shee thanked me, gave me her keitai email address, and was on her way. I ran into her again the following week on the streek after I was coming out of the movie Pacchigi. She had just gotten back from a shoot in LA. I hope she ran into Brad while she was there. Anyway, drinks are on for next week. My pic - if selected by the editor - will be in their next issue. All is lost.

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