Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Take a walk on the wild side! 

Surely even Momus must have (ages ago) reached that ticklish crux at which the frenetic level of engery that is required to perform back-to-back genuflective cultural apologetics as may be found in his recent Staying Foreign in Japan and The Japanese [and I] are Almost Japanese (both pennings are apparently part of a long-range, clandestine effort to maintain his own 'situatedness' - a gem├╝tlichkeit-rich ensconcement well to the left on the 'uncanny valley') becomes LESS than the level of energy that would actually be required to make the effort to increase his xenomorphic verisimilitude by LEARING (as opposed his recent obsession with 'unlearning' Japan), and thus make incremental progress out of the valley...of the shadow of cultural death. Won't the most radical form of ostranenie be found somewhere nearer to the 'almost fully Japanese' section of the continuum than not? On your quest for true otherness, fear not, Nick!

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