Friday, February 18, 2005

Marx and Engles 

Marx: So what do you think about the new webpage design?

Engles: I dunno, pretty cool I guess.

Marx: Yeah, I like the 'daring' color scheme and all.

Engles: Word.

Marx: But you know...

Engles: Hummm?

Marx: I feel like something's missing?

Engles: What one earth could be missing? Kid's pretty much got all his bases covered.

Marx: No, that's not what I mean.

Engles: Then what DO you mean?

Marx: For some reason, I think an "Add to shopping cart" button seems to be implied from the overall aesthetic of the webpage.

Engles: Oh, good. I wasn't the only one that was thinking it!

Marx: No, no. I was SO feelin' you on that one, player!

Engles: Yeah, let's go get some マッコリ.

Marx: Now you're talkin'...

(and so on and so forth)

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