Thursday, February 3, 2005

Desktop blues 

There are a few items that have been left cluttering the desktop of my tiny brain recently, and since I'm low on memory, I'll try to clean things up here.

1. Word of the Day: Ottosei is the Ainu word for (fur) seal, right? Thanks Marxy, and the (10 year) Laphroaig is on me next time.
2. If Roddy where here right now, I'd make Kahlua Milks for the two of us. We'd sip them while listening to Satie. Naturally I'd give him the best seat in the house, my couch.
3. Pretension of the Week: Momus (indirectly) compares himself with Arafat (peace be upon him) in a recent, apologetics-loaded essay titled 'Staying foreign in Japan'. The essay is more or less an attempt to intellectualize the Momusian 'linguistically impaired, randy field reporter does live expose on Japanese culture while under the LSD like effects of ostranenie' shtick. Apparently they both have procrastination in common, natch!
4. Commonalities between Sei Shonagon and Henry David Thoreau regarding a love of Nature.
5. I think that Japanese game you were watching was mah-jongg, which is, by the way, my favorite game, since it is a perfect balance of logic/strategy and chance/serendipity. The world champion is, incidentally, a young Japanese girl in her early 20s. She has been playing less than 5 years.
6. Grammatical issues in JSL (Japanese Sign Language), which I'm currently studying.
7. Tracing the seminal works of Classical Chinese Literature and their influence on medieval Japanese Literature. I'm presently somewhere around the Manyo-Shu working may way up, with a foray or two into Heian Literature.
8. What bird it the most poetic one of them all in ancient Japanese literature?
9. NGO's in Japan.
10. Getting my new CD to everyone who asked for one.
11. Get one of the new, improved G4s that just came out. Remind self to never buy a non-final-revision computer again.
12. Visit Scotland and the Laphroaig factory.
13. Alexandre Kojē«£e and his seminal lecture on Hegel. (Georges Bataille, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Andre Breton, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jacques Lacan and Raymond Aron were all attending.)
14. Japanese Horror films and why they are so good.
15. Playing with my new Newton Message Pad (MP130). Thanks Ei-Ichi!!!

Ahhh...that feels better.

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