Monday, January 10, 2005


I've been SWAMPED with a bunch of thing during the 年末年始 period, and so I wasn't able to get my album (yes, the title is 'karaoke a cappella') released before 2004 was done. So I've just decided to release it as a first quarter 2005 effort. Thanks for your patience! Also, if you sent me an email requesting a free copy, DON'T WORRY! You WILL get one in the mail, probably around the end of January. So far I've had a few dozen requests, but I'm still willing to extend the request deadline until next weekend if there is anyone else out there who was thinking about asking for one. Step right up and send me an email at

glitchslaptko at yahoo dot co dot jp

IN OTHER NEWS, I will also be doing at least two other albums this year, one as a collaboration with a 'special friend' and another all by myself.

Over and out,


Due to the overwhelming response thusfar, the number of total freebie copies will be extended. If you want a copy, don't hesitate, just email. There are quite a few more copies on the pile over here.


Some of you have sent in the same questions, so I'll respond here...

Q: Is the title really 'karaoke a cappella'? I mean, come on!
A: Yes, but there's a catch. You'll see.

Q: How long is this album?
A: It is, like the person who made it, full-length.

Q: Is this just another fruitless Robertesque scam that will never pay off?
A: Probably, but wouldn't you be sorry if you missed out?

Q: What is the genre of this supposed 'release'?
A: Hummm, that is a tough one. I'd have to say a kind of field-recording, but then again not.

Q: Is this that collaboration thing that you've been talking about releasing for a while?
A: No. This is a totally different (solo) project.

Q: What name will this be released under?
A: Not sure at this point. You'll probably know as soon as I do.

Q: Will you be touring or doing any shows in support of this new album?
A: Yes, I plan on doing shows in America, Europe and Japan in 2005. I'll post the tour dates up here as soon as possible.

Q: What ARE you anyway? An avant-garde musician? A laptop geek? A failed writer? The most hated man in Ikebukuro?
A: I consider myself a 文化人. Most others consider me a 一発屋. The truth is probably somewhere in between.

Q: Is this just another holiday album full of maudlin love songs and baudy ballads?
A: While I do admit that any love song I'd have to sing would by default have to be a stupid one, this album contains none. Also, there are no baudy ballads to be found anywhere. I have dispensed with all manner of ribaldry this time out.
To whom,

I'll be releasing a VERY LIMITED album this week, so I guess all of you will just have to REVISE your tidy little 'best of 2004' lists, since I have a whole lot of faith in this puppy. It is a full-length album, with lots of fun cover art and such. Anyway, the first 10 people will get a free copy (along with some bonus goodies)! Just email me [glitchslaptko at yahoo dot co dot jp] with your name and snail mail address and I promise it will be in your mailbox before New Year's Day. Oh, the title is [karaoke a cappella].


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