Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ars longa vita brevis 

Sometime last year, I was given a list of 10 works of art (in various fields) that, because of their 'unique' nature (Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!) have stood/will stand the test of time. The list was put together by Tim Page at The Washington Post. Here's Tim's list. You be the judge:

Robert Burton: "The Anatomy of Melancholy (1621)
Ludwig van Beethoven: "Grosse Fuge" (1826)
Alessandro Moreschi: "The Last Castrato" (1902-1904)
D.W. Griffith: "Intolerance" (1916)
James Joyce: "Ulysses" (1922)
John Cage: "4'33" "(1952)
Alain Resnais: "Last Year at Marienbad" (1962)
Alvin Lucier: "I Am Sitting in a Room" (1970)
Thomas Pynchon: "Gravity's Rainbow" (1973)
Maya Lin: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial (1982)

I'd love to have a peep at YOUR lists too. Also, I should say that I felt like this list was a little 'European' top-heavy, so if you have non-English and non-European pearls that you are hiding...feel free to post them up here as a comment, or send them to me at [glitchslaptko at yahoo dot co dot jp]. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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