Tuesday, December 28, 2004

tête - à - tête 

What Nickky C. said is in italics...

Also recently on GlitchSlapTKO (which has been known to take pot shots at 'Clique Opera', and at times seems oddly obsessed by this blog)

My odd obsession with CO will end the very second that I concur with at least more than half of what it says about Japan. Until then, the folks out there need a second opinion quite badly, I think.

The real Momus would not have fallen silent at that point.

True enough, but the fictional Momus had to catch a train, so...

He would have raised Plato's famous condemnation of artists. Plato thought painters were 'mere grinders of multi-coloured drugs' and called poets ignorant imitators and braggarts – flatterers, seekers of public approval, emotional con-men. If Japan were The Republic, a b-boy glitch-slapper like Bobby D would long ago have been escorted to the airport by Plato's philo-police.

Sticks and stones. Even though I've been called a lot worst that that before, how dare you insinuate that I'm an...artist! Take it back this instant, young man! Oh, the humanity of it all...

Your turn now.



P.S. Thanks for all the props regarding my pennings, kids! I promise to keep it real.

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