Sunday, July 25, 2004

Pause w/the kids 

Last night I showed up late in Ikebukuro for a little shindig  that Jean Snow threw for his friends at Pause. Everyone was there: Mr. Snow from around the way, Audrey from OK FRED, Momus from Amitabha, Midori from Geba, Nao from Yokohama, and of course your truly. Conversation topics that I was privy to (the Francophiles were in full-effect, and there were some English and Japanese snatches here and there) included: Digiki's recent  digital martyrdoms, Chinese spirits (the drinkable kind), why I have a 'grunge look' according to Nick, the square-peg-in-a-round-holeness of VICE in Japan, who does cocaine in TKO, how our 'Japanese selves' differ from our other selves, game theory and mah-jong, highlights and horror stories of China, Jean's comments on the Middle Kingdom, POLE 3, Audrey's recent art outings, being an 'indi kid' in Japan, the recently hot CG of very fucked up ski-jumping, omiyage, Shanghai babies, the 'gay disco' folders that must be extant on the hard disks of  'serious sound artists' all over the world, and so on. Thanks Jean! Promise to treat you to drinks next time!

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