Thursday, July 22, 2004


More event info for this summer: I'll be doing a concert with Mai Ueda (who smells like apple pie) in Tokyo towards the end of September. We'll join together in song in a subdued evening of empty orchestra. That's right! We've decided to do a concert with just the two of us singing our favorite karaoke tunes, with a few duos thrown in just for fun. It should be a really classy event (Mai says she 'doesn't DO tacky'), and I think we'll probably do it at Super Deluxe if things go according to plan. I'll be processing files from the actual karaoke versions of our chosen songs (from version pirated directly from my local karaoke place) and also doing a little vocal processing with all the unhippest programs. I'll be publishing a set list on this blog a little later next month. If you happen to be in Tokyo...

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