Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Over to X-Realm Cafe in 裏腹 for some nocturnal libations via silly, fruity, girly designer 焼酎 cocktails  (I've somehow forsaken whiskey for at least the rest of the summer) with the ever-radient Audrey from OK FRED, who tonight was sporting my favorite, sparkling,  faux-diamond necktie; Mihoko Mori, a twenety-something, fawn of a fashion designer (I wish she was a japtop girl, so I could be smitten with her) who had previously worked with Issey Miyake and is currently of the cusp of a launching a new brand while working for Cachare; and Anne Suess, who is an imposing post-East German graphic designer/interviewer with a smile she must have learned from my country. Poor little Mihoko was getting practically pummled with very telling, very Teutonic inquiries about the intersections of the fashion world and 「わびさび」. Audrey and I looked on bemused, sipping our drinks , getteing hammered in our own way, offering help with occasional translations, and relying on covering our aesthetic asses with a heaping scoop of 「間」. We said good night to Anne, who had to scoot back to a 下町 Yamanote station that will remain nameless (but one that I really love), and then my exquisite drinking companions and I headed over to Tokyo Apartment Cafe for a nightcap and a post-game analysis. Audrey and I had a little time to chat about the morphology of OK FRED, eaching offering our own fanciful projections. Looks like my responsibilities will increase twofold, and not just in terms of sheer quantity. The last train to Meguro took me close enough to the Meguro River to enjoy the long stroll back up to Nakameguro and to the cozy confines of my studio. Will meet Audrey again soon for more of the same.

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