Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Musical Transculturation 

DONALD RICHIE, in his article "'Transculturation' of migrating musical styles" in the The Japan Times today, reviews a new book out on titled 'LOCATING EAST ASIA IN WESTERN ART MUSIC' which is an assemblage of papers given at the 1998 Third International Asian Music Conference in Seoul. Names such as Toru Takemitsu, Henry Cowell, John Cage, Toshiro Maiyuzumi, John Zorn, Tan Dun, and others are dropped. Also, Richie says that "The foreword to this volume states that "our purpose is not necessarily to undermine or dismantle this dualism of East and West but rather to investigate how the notion of East and West are constructed, circulated, and utilized." In these three essays this aim is best realized and they are a reason for acquiring the book." I've already placed my order.

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