Friday, June 11, 2004

I just can't tell you how much this guy Mr. Otsuka is rocking my world with his killer enka these days. But this has nothing to do with HYPO's (mis)treatment of enka on his first album. This is true love!

Oh, I should mention that I finally got around to getting one of these things...Yeah, I'm the last kid on my block, but I don't care.

...and it has really changed my life. Can't wait to head out this morning to get some cheap 45s at the local recycle shop for 50 yen per! So why am I trying to get (back) into enka? Well...

And before I go, I should mention that I'm in a new band. For the time being, let's just call it a 'Heavy Enka' band. There are four members:

This guy, Saito-san is playing bass, but he know more about Xenakis, Boulez, and Nancarrow than I do...

Steven - a guy from San Fran who runs this superb site on underground Tokyo culture - is the songwriter and guitarist. Here is a silly pic of him.

I couldn't find a good pic of the singer, who's a Japanese female.

Naturally I'm playing drums.

Our first gig is in less than two months...

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