Wednesday, June 9, 2004


Some pesky "French" dude just got here the other day...I mean, like, in Japan. TKO to be exact. What THE FUCK is he doing? I got NO idea...but then again, that's cool. Looks like he'll be chillin' in Kyoto for a while. Wish I was there. If I WAS, this is what I'd do!

Robert's list of top 10 shit to do in Kyoto:

1. Go to 'Post Coitus' bar near Kyoto University and get a 5000 yen (yeah, THAT'S right, 5000, boy!) MIMOSA!

2. Hang out at an 'okama' bar and try to convince they locals that you really DO think 'T.M. Revolution' is sexier than 'Kimutaku'
(Because you really DO!)

3. Hop over to Arashiyama and chill wish my main man Bruce and get some of his crazy pencil cases!

4. Mediatate at Ryoanji. Ommm...

5. Dance a lot at METRO with all the yukata-clad boys. (You probably ran into them while doing the second item on this list...)

6. Marvel at Kyoto station.

7. Visit 'Kiyomizudera' and imagine loving someone enough to jump off with them.

8. Shell out a bunch of fuckin' money (shit, I dunno...about a GRAND or so?) and get a 'Geiko' to tell you dirty jokes all night in Gion...or time warp back about 500 years and get Momus in his previous incarnation to tell the jokes...

9. Stay in a 'ryokan' and roll around on the tatami floor makin' out with a cute girl without puttin' out.

10. Sit on the riverbank with some sake and chat with a friend. After that, go to a sento with best friend, see each other's private parts YET AGAIN.

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