Friday, May 7, 2004


This is the best review of one of my shows that I've ever read. An excerpt from this page.

"I met my friends, let's call them SALAMI and ANNE. The place: SUPER-DELUXE (not a pseudonym). The event: laptop music night. I swear EVERY band that played were laid off SAN FRANCISCO dot-com dorks with identical architect glasses and buzz cuts with receding hairlines. As a genre, laptop music isn't very interesting to look at. So, I came up with the best idea ever: why not do a laptop music band, where the guy would play the laptop LIKE JERRY LEE LEWIS: sweeping his hand across the keyboard, playing it behind his back, putting his heel up on the desk, kicking the chair away and playing standing up, killing his wife, and so on. Wouldn't that be WORTH A DOLLAR ???

That musician named MOMUS also played. His music was very catchy, but I was scandalized by a grown man with no backup band, singing along to a DAT of himself, so I left. He WAS really scary though. . . with an eyepatch, 3 day stubble, and a raggedy kimono, looking like some sketchy homeless guy. I'll give him credit for that."

Find out more about the writer of this no-holds-barred critique here.

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