Sunday, May 9, 2004

A day in the life 

At 10:30PM last night at some noodles made out of seaweed. Very slickery.
I was up from 11PM last night to 5AM this morning working on a Dose One transcription for OK Fred. This kid sure has got a motormouth, but it's a nice change of pace from these tight-lipped ex-pats in Tokyo.
Slept from 5AM-9AM. Had fucked up dreams about shit that I'd rather not talk about.
Woke up at 9AM. Ate tofu with katsobushi sprinkles on top and soy sauce. (Same stuff that you sprinkle on top of okonomiyaki.) Cost about 100yen total. Cheap and healthy breakfast.
Went to Shinjuku for coffee. Worked on music and read books (Murakami's 'After the Quake' and Kafka's letters to Milena, also still reading Tsutsui's 'Kyojin Tachi' very odd book).
Moved over to Daikanyama for espresso at 3:30PM. Almost dozed off at a cafe. The waitress was statuesque, bearing cream and sugar. Put whiskey in it. Makes most things better.
Suddenly got invited to go see Stereolab at Quatro in Shibuya.
Did so from 7PM to 9PM. Free drink was bad. Band was good. Naturally I had my own whiskey, which was the best.
10PM, back at my studio, going to pull an all nighter to finish up this interview.

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