Wednesday, April 28, 2004

A licky boom-boom down... 

Well, as if you didn't know...I'm doing this big, 'Let's fuckin' interview all of my kids' kind of project, and you know that one of them has got to be SNOW, so anyway, this is an unforgiveable teaser, but anyway, here are the questions that I asked him...(his answers are pending, as are TUJIKO --fuckin'-- NORIKO's...but since she was a good drinking friend last time she and I were downin' 'umeshu' by the glass in TKO, all is forgiven regarding her failure to actually reply to my outstanding interview...(but you still gotta give me what you know you owe me...)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) and I'M WAITIN' FOR HIS ANSWERS...SO...OK...PRESSURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! check back here for jean-sebastian's answers sometime REAL soon!

How far back do Jean and Japan go? Can you take us back to the first encounter, through the details of the courtship and recount the consumation of the relationship?

Does jeansnow.net have a credenda, agenda, manifesto, whatever? If it does, please expound on it's nature. If it doesn't, why doesn't it?

Who would you list as your role models, cyber or otherwise?

How many unique hits does your webpage average a day? What was the deal with your recent problems about exceeding your bandwidth recently? What steps have you taken/will you take to solve this problem?

If you could have tea and cakes with any personage (past, present, or future; historcial or fictitious) who would it be and why? What kind of things would you like to talk about with them?

Talk to me about future plans, personal, media-based, or otherwise. Are you planning to be in Japan for the duration? What about this talk I've heard about your getting a record label together?

What are you listening to, reading, watching these days?

OK, let's set the record straight: You're mother tongue is French, but you also speak fluent English, but you're not one of them damn Quebeckers, and you're also not from France. So what was it again that you are?

Compare living in Japan to living in China. What keeps you in Japan? What keeps you going back to China for more? What keep you from going back to Canada more often?

Talk to me about your job.

If you got a legit email from 'Cyber Cartel X' inviting you to be the first person to on earth to get exclusive rights to use their newly perfected, wireless, painless, 24/7 streaming, CD quality audio, DVD quality video, taste, smell, brain-waves, karma, be all, end all, Swiss-Army-Knife-of-an-implant/prothesis-thingy, for free for as long as you wanted to, would you do it? The only catch is that all of your sensory data would be streamed unedited, by unbreakable contract, on a website somewhere, for the viewing pleasure of your fellow netizens. (Naturally, you'd be famous.) Why or why not.

What's the closest brush with death that you've ever had? Give us the skinny.

What's the first really nasty thing you learned how to say in that language that they speak over here in Japan? How about that one over there in China? How did you learn it? Have you had a chance to use it yet? Did it go over well?

Talk to me about ramen, Jean. Are you a shyoyu or miso man? What's your favorite place that you've been to in Tokyo? Any ramen pet-peeves? What's the deal with this, 'I don't like the fish flava?' thing that I've heard you goin' on about? Any plans to really get around to doing that ramen crit. website in English?

So how can we know for certian that your wife Yuko really ISN'T a 'kunoichi' or something deadly like that, and that she won't be appearing in Kill Bill Vol. 3? I mean, I was hearing her saying something about when she was a young girl, being able to disembowel herself with her keitai in the event that her chastity were threatened...

What are the pros and cons of life in Ikebukuro? What's your living situation like? Is there a Jean Snow Ikebukuro best 10? Oh, if you could live anywhere in Tokyo, where would you live?

Did you ever have a fight (I mean of the knock-down, drag-out, ilk)? Who did you fight? What was it about? Did you win? If you lost, would you ever consider a re-match?

Is there anything that you'd just like to get off of your chest? If so, please feel free to do so here.

If you took a test, and you bombed it, but you were given the following choice of three different scores at which to bomb it, which one would you choose and why? a) 50 b) 25 c) 0

Where would you go and what would you do on your dream date? Please go into detail.

BONUS QUESTION: Any advice for anyone out there planning to move to Japan?

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