Friday, April 16, 2004

The Deutsch/Nippon/AmeriKa KKK Konnection! 

Today I attended a presentation by Ilka Theurich, who is a visiting artist at Geidai's Inter Media Department. Ilka's a thirty-something year old German-based (Berlin/Hanover) 'KlangKunst Kid' as I like to say, which means that she's of the generation of artists whose teachers were featured that book that all of you have seen with the funky red and blue swirly cover with the speaker on it.

And now that I mention it, I guess I'm a KKK too...woah, I have to find a better acronym! But since I'm more of a KlangKunst Prodigal Son, it probably doesn't matter anyway.

Anyway, her background is in experimental theatre, so the half-Fluxus, half-Butoh works -- silk & other exotic materials fasioned into a Dickies style, Planet DUNE evoking femme 'Stilsuit' with built in 'Weirding Module' speakers, Sound EFX and mixer.

This in addition to PoMo austere, ultra-minimal, sound-sculpture pieces -- ambient tupperware installations aplenty with colour co-ordinated pillows -- that she showed where right on the money.

She also knew oodles and oodles about traditional Japanese music/theatre to boot, actually more than the Japanese kids who were attending her presentation! On top of that, she had obviously been under the tutelage of the Japanese-savvy, as she was dropping 'no-input' sKooler names left and right.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing her again soon, and to finding out more about her work.

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