Saturday, April 17, 2004


OK, forget everything that I've said about the virtues of the beer fed bovines of Kobe! Yes, the time of 'moo' has passed. Now dawns the era of 'bu'!

That's right kids, the mot du jour is 'cha-mi-ton' (literally meaning tea, beauty, swine in the Japanese).

This according to the obese Japanese gourmands-cum-prophets over at 'Debuya' to whom we are at least thankful for coining the word 'maiyu', which means something like 'finger lickin' good'. Oh, go ahead and overcome your shyness; use this handy word the next time you scarf down something tasty.

Incidentally, the portly pair has also done humanity the service of coming up with the very useful phrase 'on za raisu' ('on the rice' in English), a comment on the fact that you can just about eat anything as long as you eat it with rice. But going into detail about how Japanese people don't really feel like they've eaten a full mean unless they've partaken of rice, and that these two are punning of another EngRish phrase 'on za rokku' ('on the rocks') would just be getting too tangential, wouldn't it?

Anyhoo, some very special pigs are being raised in the Kagoshima (Kyushu) area. Their feed is enriched with a (Japanese) tea extract, which, according to the statistics, makes these little piggies some pretty tasty eats, all the way home...

Perhaps that's why in the official 'cha-mi-ton' logo (at the top of this post), we see that on the left, green is the color of tea; on the right, pink is the color of flesh; and in the middle, for reasons that the once politically ensconced Mr. Schrock has recently brought to light on his blog, in the middle we have beauty, it's attendant color being orange. Even in Japan, orange = good! (fire = bad) and a least that's ONE thing that we can be sure of all the wee, wee world over!

By the way, I hear that baseball caps with the logo are available, but I think that this information will probably only be taken advantage of by Brad (pictured fully mounted on 'shinkansen' below)...

or perhaps by Antonin (pictured fully mounted on Brad below).

As for myself, I've already got plans to order one, and get my, get my 'bu' on!

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