Tuesday, March 2, 2004

This just in... 

Of course, this is a very trivial posting if you are living in Japan and you have even half an ear to the ground...but if you aren't, and you don't, then let it be known that Cornelius' music is being used (with permission of course) by a nationally syndicated evening news program in Japan called 'KYO NO DEKIGOTO' (in English "THE NEWS TODAY'). Actually to say that his music is being used isn't quite accurate, since he actually wrote totally original music for the opening, segue, commercial breaks, and closing parts of the broadcast. All of this bears too much meaning to go into here, but I should also mention at this point that the music of Steve Reich is also frequently used in Japanese TV news broadcasts. Now if they'll only consider using the music of Guilty Connector at their next board meeting...After all, it does seem to have that 'extreme brutal shibaki harsh' thing going on that Reich and Oyamada's music doesn't, and that might go along well with well...say, bombs bursting in air and such.

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