Monday, March 8, 2004

The refrain in my brain falls mainly on the pain: An open blog to Nick 

Refrain isn't just an abstract concept, it is one of my favorite works by Stocky (yes, I DO have the right to call by his pet name, as Feldman did before me, whereas most of you probably don't), and something that is treated by Nietzsche as well. It is also something that, when it comes to the inevitable raze of Tokyo (sigh), I can't shake from my mind. This is not the first time that I've intimated on this topic, mind you. Go here to read a rather disturbing report, dealing with the aftermath of 'the big one' (glup). As luck would have it, things down at Ye OldeClick Opera have gotten downright...maudlin as of late. So much the better, since personally speaking that's probably the side of Momus that I'd like to get to know from here on out. On everything else but himself, he is so...impregnably 'collected'. Thus, it is to this end that I post this, my second 'open blog' to Nick. Recent conversations with Mr. Schrock have caused me to realize that I've quite a store of questions to which I'd like to hear Nick venture answers one day. Keeping the tectonic follies of my subconscious in mind, it is from that list I now select the following query, charging the good Mr. Currie to reply at his leisure, if not for his own personal betterment, then for the betterment of mankind: How would life change for Nick Currie/Momus were Tokyo to be razed in a cataclysmic earthquake? (The rest of you talk amongst yourselves.)

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