Tuesday, March 9, 2004


Jean, Jean, Jean...I resolved some time ago to use the French pronunciation, 'cuz I'm trying to 'Lay down my burden' of my monolinguality. But don't be fooled; I'll never lay down my sword and shield. That's because, although I do have some reservations about the man who originated them, I do tend to agree with the Nietzschean claims which impeach 'slave mentalities' and their attendant meekness. I'm also reading Frantz Fanon these days, in case it matters. In fact, I'm listening to 'Nique La Police' by NTM (feat Cut Killer), and even though it totally sucks, I think it, along with everything else, has taken its subliminal toll on me. I'm left with no choice: I must resort to violence. Yep, I either have to go out right now and do a rent-a-car drive-by on the 'Ambassade de France au Japon' over in Minami-Azabu OR fly over to Paris and do some gang-banging with my posse in WEST Paris (EAST Paris can just go FUCK ITSELF) and knock over some of them candy ass Parisian ramen places. Why? Cuz' at around 8 EUR, they are overcharging!

8.00 EUR
Euro † = † 1,108.56 JPY
Japan Yen
1 EUR = 138.570 JPY 1 JPY = 0.00721658 EUR

8.00 EUR
Euro † = † 9.96261 USD
United States Dollars
1 EUR = 1.24533 USD 1 USD = 0.803002 EUR

At least some of the stores have cute names, like 'Higuma' (brown bear) and so on. I'll pay top dollar for that alone...

Well, whatever! Ramen may be the lingua franca of cool cheap food in Tokyo, but I'd be a fool to look for it elsewhere. At least in LA it was cheap. The taste, however, always left something to be desired! By the way, for all you hardcore, ramen-eatin' muthas out there (who can read Japanese), 'Ramen Daisuki!!' by Shoji Sadao is now your new bible! (Thanks for the tip, Masahiko!)

Anyway, Jean and I met last night for some ramen and cafe action in Ikebukuro. Yes, Ikebukuro! Not my normal hang-out, but thanks to Jean's hospitality, the image in my mind of that city being merely a former playground of the indefatigable Tujiko (who has kind of been dissing me these days) and a 'marked' territory when it comes to gang culture was completely eclipsed. I'll be back to check out the neighborhood again sooner than later, I'm sure. Thanks Jean!

Oh, and stay tuned for part deux of my 'Jean et Robert' series. Just in case you want to review, here is part one.

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