Thursday, March 25, 2004

In case of Art, break glass! (Part 2 of ???) 

In today's installment of ICABG, we'll be heading down to Yokohama to pay Nao Suzuki a visit.

A hurried, unofficial profile: Nao is a twenty-something, art making (video + photo + object + painting, etc.) young woman who lives in the Yokohama area and maintains a studio (Ateliero-Eksperimentoj) with two of her friends (both musicians). I first became aware of her activities after the indefatigable Ludo Pierre (French sound & visual artist based in Tokyo) introduced me to her last year, as we were all to appear together (along with Midori and other friends) at one of his soundscreen events. Nao seems to have worked in the past with more or less 'traditional' mediums, but has been making a move recently to more 'normative' (i.e. digital) modes of expression. Personally speaking, I've only seen her in action in her 'video artist/VJ mode' at a few events in the Shibuya area. She seems to have found a comfortable niche in the international experimental arts community in Tokyo, and this due in no small part to her diverse, refreshingly sensual art. I'm planning to head down to Yokohama sooner or later and drop by her studio. Will update this entry after that.

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