Saturday, February 28, 2004

Pas d'armure 

Tonight I did some very light dinner MP3Jing with Midori at the Pink Cow's new location in Aoyama. It was really a blast! She did a kind of moody, beat-oriented electronica set, working in something by Hypo at one point. I mostly played French hip-hop, which was really funny because as soon as I started my set, I noticed that a group of French people had just been seated right in front of me! One among them, a rail-thin, Gapish, twentysomething with a thin, frizzy afro asked me who it was I was playing after he couldn't identify a particular track. I told him it was TTC, a pretty cool group now in Paris. He said that he was French, and that he had never heard of them. I told him that I wasn't French, and that I had. I don't think he followed my logic is has pink cow is stuck on you. (Hi, Roddy!) I think that I'll try and do the same thing again soon with her at some of my other favorite spots around town. Will keep you posted.

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