Friday, December 26, 2003

Xmax stuff 

Had a nice Xmas dinner tonight at the B&M steak house in Meguro. Here's the top-ten list as to why it was a blast.

01. Coupons for 100 yen/glass wine received from staff (Their was of saying 'Sorry you had to queue!')
02. A superb steak (rare, of course)
03. Mashed 'taters were ultra-yummy
04. Waiter kept saying 'Yes sir!' in English to everybody, and his 'sir' was really like a SWGA 'sir' so I was feeling kind of nostalgic
05. The BGM was Sinatra Xmas songs, then free jazz
06. A strapping young member of the staff kept bringing in massive, head-sized blocks of butter into the kitchen...with no end in sight!
07. All the staff had on tight-fitting, black leather outfits (w/chaps)
08. The after-steak coffee was served black and tasty, Tokyo Cowboy-style
09. I was expecting to see a 'geinojin' pop out of the woodwork any sec.
10. I asked about the special (and befuddling) 'server service special' and was glad I did

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