Thursday, December 25, 2003


Here is a list of the things I cary around with me every day in my bag (in addition to my ever-present computer and current book).

* electronic dictionary by Casio XD-R9000 (w/padded, grey case)
* pocket sized radio by SONY TV/FM/AM SFF-R633V
* flash cards (120 sheets, just like the ones that high school kids in Japan use)
* Post-it notes (colored, plastic, smallest size, in twin dispenser case)
* pencil case by BRUCE containing...
- my hanko (a seal with my first name in Japanese 'Robato' on it)
- highlighter by Pilot Spotliter 2 pen (yellow, w/fat and fine tips)
- pens by Pilot HI-TEC-05 (in red and black)
- automatic pencil by Pentel (0.5mm)
- automatic pencil lead by Pentel AIN B (0.5x600mm, in 40pcs. case)
- JR East automatic pencil (found in Shinjuku)
- plastic eraser by MUJI (small, white)
* eyedrops by V.rodo EX (13ml)
* shades by Oakley
* ring memo pad by Tiny Company (40p., 6mm ruled)
* folding mirror by MUJI (white plastic)
* bankbook
* passport
* meishi card case by MUJI (metal, ultra-thin type, contains my handmade meishi)
* whisky flask by YOSHINAGA (titanium, engraved 'R. DUCKWORTH', w/removable drinking cup, always full of the hard stuff)
* mini swiss army knife
* mini flashlight by MAG INSTRUMENTS (Solitaire)

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