Wednesday, July 23, 2003

The unknown language?!? Pshaw!!!  

Today is remarkably temperate, especially for a day falling near the end of the Japanese rainy-season. i'm sitting here in my Kamineguro studio, while a rain so light that if it gets any lighter it will turn into a drizzle is being blown now and again by a coolish breeze. My little Japanese wind-chime is tinkling, and from time to time, a drop or two makes it through my open window and onto my face. All if full of love. And while the feeling is superb, i'm sure it won't bestill my panic if a raindrop makes it into my PwrBkg4's mothaboard!

Anyway, i'm now in the final editing process of translating the Tsujiko Noriko radio broadcast into English for all of the monolinguals and non-Japanese speakers out there. The process is thoroughly enjoyable, as her Japanese is far from the garden-variety 標準語 spoken here in Tokyo. a kind of idiosyncratic mix of 関西弁and "ツジコ弁" with a peppering of little nuances that leaves me wanting to hear more. I also guess that at the time of the recording, she was experiencing a little 一杯機嫌 from some of that gin and juice that she was sippin' on, but too bad that this word passed into disuse quite some time ago in Japanese. I can think of other ways to say it, but none so elegant as this. i digress.

In any event, I should be finished sometime this weekend, and will try to find a good place to make the translation available (perhaps on her webpage). But now i just remembered that Momus told me that he had first dibs on it quite some time ago, as he intends to use it to "study" Japanese. hummm...

(oh, and now just a personal note to myself: robert, don't forget to remember that essay you are planning on the Japtop vocal tradition.)

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