Saturday, July 26, 2003

In the place to be! 

STORE BOLD in case you were sleeping. I just went by today and got a new print for my studio, and now I'm tickled to be the first kid on my block to have one. Anyway, I'll be doing a collaboration with the store soon, currating a collection of CDs (mostly my friend's sounds) to be put on display (and infinite playback) there for a whole month. I can't wait to get started.

If you ever find yourself between Nakameguro and a hard place, you might as well give in to the urge and go eat kick-ass ramen atKouryu. May i be so bold as to suggest the "pick your own toppings" ramen? It really is to die for, especially when complimented with a 100 yen "service beer" and followed up with a かいだま (refill of noodles). While you are there enjoying the cockpit style dining envorinment, please take time to make note of the "signs" by 芸能人 of the upper and lower echelons, as well as other various and sundry folk of the Nakame persuasion. Also please appreciate the carefully currated jazz being spun in the background. I slurped my final spoonfull the other day to the transcendental trains of "A Love Supreme" by my man Coltrane. Shit like that doesn't happen everyday kids.

I ran into a very nice, slightly tipsy Japanese guy from bonzaipaint the other day when I was having drinks with Antonin and Midori at Cha-No-Ma in Nakame. Actually, he made it a point to run into me, because I was wearing a baseball cap that he had designed himself. Needless to say, we hit if off.

Oh, Ichibanya has damn good curry, and are all over the place. There is one not too far from my studio and I was enjoying having trouble making up my mind about my custom order.

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