Thursday, July 24, 2003

Geek out! 

Today I, Robert Duckworth (geek) am going to Akiba with Digiki (also a geek, but of the Parisian variety, and therefore much more perfumed) Today. we are total geeks and are aware of it. We will do many geeky things together, such as fantasizing about all the shit that awaits us, checking out all of the geeky new Apple shit at the Ike shop, drooling over all of the geeky new shit, and eventually buying lots of geeky new shit. Then we will fondle the geeky new shit on the train ride home, and as soon as we get back to my studio, will carefully open up our new geeky toys and geek-out. If, that is, we get some mad bank wired to us from gay Paris!

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