Tuesday, July 22, 2003


Last night I enjoyed a tasty dinner of Tokyo-style okonomiyaki with Midori (up-and-coming japtop kid now in tokyo), Digiki (avant-recontextualization mp3j from paris) and his acquaintance David (a garden-variety indiepop/post-Shibuya-ke type newly arrived from America). Several things are worth mentioning here regarding my dining companions:

1) Midori has an interesting take on okonomiyaki making, even if she is from the Kansai. I enjoyed watching her cover-up this lack of culinary prowess for the better part of 10 min. before swooping in with spatula in hand to rescue her. what a trooper, though!

2) Although he really can't hold his liquor, Digiki always, both to his own peril and credit, follows my lead if i'm drinking the hard stuff. Oh these French boys do bore...perhaps one day my prince will come and drink me under the table! But until then, I'll just keep waiting and hoping and just tie another one one.

3) David reminded me of all (three of) the east-asian studies kids I used to know in Athens at U.G.A. who were "into Japan" so much it hurt, and therefore I found his personality completely engrossing. I wanted to just sit back and listen to him go on and on about pop music and his love of it! I really can't go into enough detail here, but limitations of space and time permit me from doing so, but please at least allow me to indulge myself by venturing one more rather general comment. If someone asked me to divvy up the pesos last night, and to articulate why I felt that out of the four of us, David was the odd man out, I'd have to turn to my nigga Walt Whitman, who once said "He most honors my style who learns under it to destroy the teacher." I don't think that David has had time to learn a healthy disrespect for Japan or the music that he loves that originated here. it is more of a question of emulation, which is of course a lower-order pursuit, but therein also a fascinating time capsule to be opened (with caution) and peered into.

4) Finally, turning the aperture towards yours truly, I see that it is exactly as i was warned...i need to lighten up!

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