Thursday, October 10, 2002

4-chome cafe with the crew. 

I'm writing this in the middle of typhoon #21, which is almost on top of Tokyo. Now, from the "you are on my list" department: dinner last night with Carl, Momus, Yoyo, Jiji, and Morley Robertson in Koenji at the 4-chome cafe. I was really aiming for Bobby's Soul Food Kitchen across the tracks, but we had a herbivore among us (not a reality in Tokyo), so . . . it was nice chatting with everyone over sangria. Ex-pat topics included, universal freedom, gay rights, Japanese girls and laptop boys, 6 degrees of seperation, Carl and Uniqlo, a Momus kissing booth, and so on. Momus impressed me with his witty banter and frequent cross-references. (The footnotes to the conversation might prove longer than the actual conversation itself. This is a refreshing change of pace from West-coast conversation.) anyway, I learned a lot. Enough so that I should have been the one taking notes, but Momus was busy jotting down new info on his little red pad. I want to get my hands on that pad and auction it off. Yoyo seems to be quite the young princess of fun music in Tokyo these days, with bookings and contacts a-plenty. Thank God she speaks French! so, she invited Momus and I to play at this thing on the 10th of October with some other fun kids. More info later! anyway, lots of interesting energy from her. Jiji was as charming as ever, but a little on the shy side tonight as we weren't speaking much Japanese. Carl had more bad things to say about the bland Mexican food in Tokyo. (Perhaps next time we'll go to that Mexican place that Sachiko M. works at. It might be a tasty gamble! No-input south-of-the-border digs.) Oh, i think he FINALLY got a PwrBkG4. Morley was very interesting to meet for the first time. He has that same brilliant stupor that all true geniuses that I've met have had (the same one in fact on the face of Chris Penrose). I happened to know the lyrics to his 20 year old J-pop hit "Charinko Rocker" and on the odd chance that me singing them wouldn't be taken as an insult, I belted out the first verse. He seemed tickled, and Carl seemed impressed. I'll ask him later if i can do a cover of this song on my next album. Anyway, I'm planning another get together now. I wonder who I'll invite, and I wonder who will show up this time . . .

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