Saturday, April 6, 2002


One of my new tracks will be featured on an upcoming comp from intik rec. It will also feature other tracks by sawako, m1dy, sonicdragolgo, Nawoto Suzuki, Reiko Underwater, aonami, afrodicco, oddioblender, mark4, Chachi Jones, idiot, love machinegun, and others. For more info, please contact
Motoki Tsushima [babeltower@pdx.ne.jp]

Back from my tour of Japan. Things went very well. I played 6 concerts in 2 weeks with a host of collaborators and fellow performers. I want to thank all of the people who where involved. There'll be a write-up appearing here soon.

Speaking of Japan, I'm planning to be there this summer for a few months. nothing special planned at this point, I'd just like to get some studying done.

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