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(Photo NOT by Nao Suzuki)

2005 Currently engaged in a post-grad research period (dissertation topics under consideration: 'Deleuze and the Image in Real Time Video Art' and 'Virilio - New Media Ethics Locus') at The Department of Inter Media Art, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

New media artist Robert Duckworth is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in composition new media under Mark Trayle at the California Institute of the Arts. After becoming interested in pop music and drums as a teenager, he studied music theory and music composition at the University of Georgia with Lewis Nielson and electronic music with Leonard V. Ball, Jr., graduating with a BMUS in composition.

Both before and after graduation, he studied at various seminars, workshops, and symposia around the world with such figures as Pierre Boulez (Carnegie Hall), Julio Estrada, Gerard Pape, and Curtis Roads (CCMIX), Karlheinz Stockhausen (Stockhausen-Kurse Kurten), David Zicarelli, Miller Puckette (SUNY), among others.

Securing a research fellowship as a special training composer for the Japanese agency for cultural affairs led him to Tokyo. Under his mentor Takehito Shimazu, Duckworth did research into the Japanese contemporary music scene. During his stay in Japan, he co-founded the laptop duo Tog with Roddy Schrock. The duo concertized extensively in Japan, also performing at events in Europe, and America. Tog's fellow performers and collaborators are legion. Duckworth has recently completed a tour of Japan with Tog, Hypo, Brad Breeck, and others (Winter 2002) and a solo tour of Japan with Momus and Digiki (Summer 2003).

Upcoming plans include a European tour with Midori(January, 2004) in support of the duo's upcoming CD release, and a research orientation invitation to STEIM (Summer 2004). Duckworth currently resides in Tokyo in order to pursue language studies and computer music-related activities at places of higher learning. He has done freelance writing for OK FRED, VICE, and EI, among other mags. He bloggs like it's going out of style...

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