Wednesday, August 7, 2002


After some serious pow-powing with my Japanese bit*hes here in Tokyo, we have determined that all of the photos that special Jim O. took of women getting their sh*t caught in trains in Japan are fakes. For that reason, more than anything else, they are much more enjoyable than the "real" thing.

There is talk of me doing a live on the 18th of this month at the house of a very elusive Frenchman. but I'll leave that up to Yo-Yo (I'm never quite sure about the correct way to write her name), who too such good care of me, Carl, and all the others at the Placard Festival just a little while ago here in Tokyo.

Oh, just spent the day hanging out with Jorge from the Brown Bunny Ensemble in Nakameguro. He has nothing but foul things to say about San Fran. I have nothing but foul things to say about LA, so we got along swimmingly which was fun, because we hadn't seen each other since the CEAIT festival last winter at CalArts. He'll be here in Tokyo for a few months, exploring. I've done what i can not to complicate his take on things, and to just nudge him in the "right" direction. Well see what sticks. anyway, Jorge will be doing a live soon, so if you are in town, best be checkin' that out.

I should say right now that all I'm doing these days is thinking not deeply enough about the Momus essays. Big thanks go out to Brad Breeck (my favorite kid at CalArts) in his link-monger mode for finding that one and sending it to me.

Things are heating up here in Tokyo, and I'm not just talking about the weather. The kids from Paris (Hypo and friends from Tsunami Addiction) have finally started to get some decent exposure here, and so the gauntlet has been thrown down right at my feet. Of course I want to do everything possible to be part of the fire that is buring here in Tokyo (and seems to be consuming Paris), so I'm looking forward to working with all the kids during the Tog winter tour. It will be fun, I'm sure. Right now we've dates in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, with other dates soon to be made final in Nagoya and Kyushu. After that, everything depends on a lot of hard work (not only on my part).

In other news, all of my preps are almost ready for my year-long field study of the "Japtop" scene. The first thing that I have to really do is read the book "technoise materialism" that was published last year. Of course it isn't translated yet, so . . .

Oh, I just finished a new ditty for the community library project run in these parts by sawako. Of course it is a truly humble little bit of nothing, I hope that it will suffice.

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